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Fly Fish Tennessee - I am a (FIVE time) Fly Casting Champion and I've taught at THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, Knoxville. I have fly fished all my life as fly fishing was the glue that bonded me with my dad, Dr. George Still. I made my first fly rod at age 12 and attended an advanced fly tying class with my dad at age 13. I have won a number of fishing contests while growing up. I simply want to provide the OPPORTUNITY for others to enjoy fly fishing by teaching students the sport. It is a terrific way to build lifelong relationships with multiple people. It is a sport that helps with the development of Patience, Kindness, and Gentleness and of course Self Control. I also like catching BIG FISH on BIG water!!! EMAIL ME and tell me your background - I want to hear it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Class - NOW FULL -- 21 incher -BTW

The University of Tennessee’s -- Fly Fishing Class with Drew Still
Tuesdays / Thursdays Feb 28, March 1, 6, 8, 13, 14 , 15   CLASS FEE $199
Ron Cattlet says "If you are serious about wanting to learn about fly fishing, this is a terrific class. At the end of the class, you will walk away with knowledge on casting, the necessary gear needed to enjoy the sport, and an understanding of how to "read the stream" leading to successfully catching fish."
Chris Gentry says "This class is an excellent introduction to not only fly fishing but fishing in general. Drew cares about you learning and becoming proficient."
Rob Martin say "This is an excellent overview of what you really need to know to get started fly fishing. A very good introduction to the sport. Also a good way to meet new people (and potential fishing buddies) who have a similar interest."
Tracy Phillips says "I cannot tell you enough how much we (husband) enjoyed being there and how much we learned. I thought we had a good group and everyone was eager to learn. I would encourage anyone who thought they might want to learn to fly fish or anyone who needs some quick lessons to take the class. Lots of fun and very informative."
Chuck James says "I found Drew to be very knowledgeable on fly fishing.  I would call him a Master fly fisherman.  It was fun picking his brain on a subject he knew inside-and-out".
Carole Brailey says "This is a very dynamic speaker, knowledgeable, entertaining, funny and worth every penny you paid for the class."
Mike Stafford says "Don’t waste your time trying to learn the fundamentals from anyone else. This class will save you time, aggravation, and even money in the long run.”

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Smoky Mountain Fishing
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Whopper with my son David
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Uncle Kenny on the Clinch
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