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Fly Fish Tennessee - I am a (FIVE time) Fly Casting Champion and I've taught at THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, Knoxville. I have fly fished all my life as fly fishing was the glue that bonded me with my dad, Dr. George Still. I made my first fly rod at age 12 and attended an advanced fly tying class with my dad at age 13. I have won a number of fishing contests while growing up. I simply want to provide the OPPORTUNITY for others to enjoy fly fishing by teaching students the sport. It is a terrific way to build lifelong relationships with multiple people. It is a sport that helps with the development of Patience, Kindness, and Gentleness and of course Self Control. I also like catching BIG FISH on BIG water!!! EMAIL ME and tell me your background - I want to hear it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

August 2013 Class Graduates and Student Comments


READY to hit the stream!!!  These students were featured on the WATE TV show and have demonstrated what it takes to CATCH FISH.   I am sure you will see them "out there".  Back Row: Randy Rainey, Will Davis, Andy Davis, Doug Cameron, Diane Cameron.  Middle Row:  Mark Williamson, Beth Williamson, Richard Baylor.  Front Row:  Todd Fisher, Chris Johnson, Martin Gerbman.


Student Comments

Chris Johnson said " I Highly Recommend this class..."
Todd Fisher said " This class was well taught and I enjoyed it very much" 
Beth Williamson said " Lots of fun with a tremendous amount of learning" 
Mark Williamson said " Excellent Class to learn the basics... to give you confidence" 
Will Davis said " You can either spend a lifetime to learn this... or.. Take Drew's Class."
Martin Gerbman said  " I thoroughly enjoyed it & look forward to fishing."
Richard Baylor said " I Enjoyed the class very much... very worthwhile."
Randy Rainey said  " Drew is a wealth of knowledge... this is what you want to do."

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