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Fly Fish Tennessee - I am a (FIVE time) Fly Casting Champion and I've taught at THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, Knoxville. I have fly fished all my life as fly fishing was the glue that bonded me with my dad, Dr. George Still. I made my first fly rod at age 12 and attended an advanced fly tying class with my dad at age 13. I have won a number of fishing contests while growing up. I simply want to provide the OPPORTUNITY for others to enjoy fly fishing by teaching students the sport. It is a terrific way to build lifelong relationships with multiple people. It is a sport that helps with the development of Patience, Kindness, and Gentleness and of course Self Control. I also like catching BIG FISH on BIG water!!! EMAIL ME and tell me your background - I want to hear it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


August 11, 13, 18, 19, 20th 
Tuesday / Thursday 
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 

6:30 PM -- about 10PM
at Cedar Bluff Racquet Club 

The instruction is a HANDS-ON class covering “Everything you NEED to know about fly fishing” – it is not everything there IS to know. I let the students know what is important and what is needed. It is a complete mind dump from me of all the aspects of fly fishing.

about 8 hours of classroom instruction plus 
about 4 hours of HANDS-ON casting lessons

All you NEED to bring is a notebook and pen – each night. (I will supply all equipment)

PRICE is $199/student

Students will be:
Knowledgeable -- enough to feel comfortable in any fly shop – know what you are looking at…

Confident and Productive (ability to catch fish) to be able to read the stream / know where and what direction (upstream or downstream) and make the right presentation with the particular fly – to catch fish.

Have the right temperament to handle “problems” like snags / lost flies / falling in / and still enjoy themselves

Topics that we cover:


about 8 hours of classroom instruction 

We start at the reel and cover what you NEED to know about setup / drag / backing / line / how to rig etc..

We move to the fly rods – covering the variety of weights / What to buy / what to avoid

We then cover lines – what you need to know about them and the different types

We then review leaders / tippets – many money saving tips here

We cover knots / loops / all hands-on

We then cover flies

We cover Safety

We discuss clothing / vests / walking sticks / gear in the vest / types of Waders… all aspects of gear

Where to go / streams in the area / laws or special regulations / trout and bass


About   4 HOURS HANDS - ON casting – each student will be able to cast proficiently

Class is held at Cedar Bluff Racquet Club -- in any weather because we cast on a Tennis court. We have a classroom section and then a casting lesson each night.

I can supply a student their fly rod if needed – no equipment is required. Most do bring their own rod / reel with them if they have one, of course. We discuss what to buy to make the students an informed buyer as part of the class. 3 Rivers Angler fly shop has a lifetime warranty fly rod for about $160, if you need a great rod at a great price. If you have a rod / reel let me know about it and bring it with you each night.

All you NEED to bring is a notebook and pen
 – each night. (I will supply all equipment)

SPECIAL NIGHT -- DVD – supplemental learning  WEDNESDAY - we will watch an instructional DVD to cover “on the steam” activity. We watch it in 3 Rivers Angler fly shop because Allen and Jeremy are gracious enough to allow us to have the shop all to ourselves. It is closed to the public.

3 RiversAngler Fly shop 


5113 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37919

Phone: 865.200.5271

Toll-Free: 877.563.6424

PRICE is $199/student

TO BOOK A SEAT -- EMAIL :  DrewStill@Gmail.com     

Drew Still

Fly Fishing Instructor


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